Tuesday, June 20, 2017


I have crossed out some of my bucket list last month, some came as a gifts which I emailed to have a hint 😉 while the others I personally purchase. Isn't it's lovely to receive a gift that you just love and know you could use? Atleast, it works.

It's been a while that I am eyeing for Marc Jacobs Beauty cosmetics after the brand release the air blush soft glow duo line sometime last year. However, I'm on this mantra to limit the wants and go for the needs first, so I prioritize the foundation and added a tube of lipstick which the color I could not resist, hello pink! I just hope I have that courage to brace myself not to purchase their blush sometime soon. But knowing it's now available to purchase locally online here is a great factor to consider...and to discipline myself- to wait! ha! Like lipstick, there's no term like too many blush, right? Are you too on it? I think I should post about that sometime soon. What do you think?✨

By now it's not new to some of you most especially to those who's along with me on instagram that lately I'm fond of Laneige skincare. I have extended my little growing skincare from their eye cream which I reviewed here, to using their time freeze firming sleeping mask last month, which is by the way much better to use with the roller supposedly, for an intensive result. I used the mask every other night, after cleansing, toning and applying serum. I love the lifting effect and the dewy look it gives in the morning. As of now, Laneige never fails to surprise me, and after using their serum sample and saw good results, I think my love for the brand will not yet end sometime soon.

I also added a bottle of Mario Badescu Collagen moisturizer with spf 15 after loving the Aha & Ceramide moisturizer. The latter has been a part of my skincare routine started late last year I alternate them from using in the morning and so far loving the results on me. It's not that you can see instant results but as a maintenance, it's a good choice. If you are too on the look out for a budget friendly skincare line and won't like to splurge too much but want to see good results, this one is for you. The Mario Badescu aha & ceramide is great for skin renewal, lightens the skin and easily absorb by the skin after application, a must if you are applying make up afterwards, while the collagen moisturizer helps to tighten and lift the skin overtime. 

Wednesday, June 7, 2017


Finally we find time to fix the schedules and go on with our plan this summer. It has been early plan but rescheduled due to small things. Glad we able to pursue the vacation and we are far more excited. Still exploring the north part of the country, in Bataan ( Luzon ) this time, There's so much pretty places to visit and hopeful to cross out all our bucket list as long as we have  the chance each year. 

It's been on my bucket list to visit Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar the first time i saw photos roaming around in social media. There's something about the place that brings me back to my childhood days. Looking back, our house then is made of nipa ( a roof that is made of leaves ) with planks of wood as a wall and flooring.That time, though modern architectures rises, there's still apart in our hood that retain their heritage homes. Lucky i must say to witness that type of beauty then. I am always at awe with the architecture and structure of heritage homes, may it be a simple home like ours then or a lavish mansion with a pedestal like stairs and a huge "silong"  ( ground floor open basement; a space below the house )  where you can laid back in a hammock, even having a few baskets as a nest where chickens can lay eggs, a beautiful memories to reminisce. For a girl who grew up to no means of transportation aside from walking back then embraces the beauty of it in a day to day basis. It's like a metamorphosis, to bring you back in the past while navigating the mind what is like to live in that era. When you live in countryside, there's a part of you dreaming to live in the city but when that time comes, going back to your roots and seeing the same environment is a comfort zone. It feels like home, would you agree?

That's what I felt the first time I saw Las Casas in photos, and to see the place with my own eyes is far more beautiful and overwhelming. The female employees who wore a "baro at saya" ( pre- colonial / traditional clothing ) in the reception area and the male who wore a "kawal" ( soldier ) suit makes a big impact as you enter the premises and see them roaming around the place. It's like you enter the Spanish colony that time. It mesmerized all of us, most especially my son. Then the accommodation place, aaaahh all wooden. The flooring, big planks of woods, the huge "capiz " windows ( the bivalve shell found especially in the Philippines ) as well as the wooden armoire ( "aparador" as we call it ) with full length mirror infront, the way it used to be. Gorgeous. The bathroom is huge with an old detailing that opens up a nice and history type of conversation to us, while taking time to rest. A good start.

Las Casas is like a "Disneyland" to people who grew up with the same type of environment. It's a happy and therapeutic place that every sight is a dream. And, I don't mind coming back there alone, with a friend or with my whole crew once again in the future. It's a place that you won't mind coming back at all, like the way you reminisce your life back in your yester years. A nostalgia. As a note, the place is hot and humid and the aircondition rooms is a big help. Planting more trees to grow lush and green is a great way to cope to the tropical summer heat. I can imagine how exciting to walk and even jog with huge trees all over the side walks. An everyday bliss. A big factor that I think every guests concern. I also hope that the management will be keen and maintain the place well, like they do now, for the future generation to see and for us to keep coming back along. For this type of place and beauty, repair and maintenance is the main key. I hope they all look into that. Aside from that, the place is breath taking.

The concept of the owner in making this project is genius and helpful. For a type of country who don't have enough budget to restore an old structures, De Acuzar is a gem on doing that. So sad to see buildings and houses like these are almost wear and tear nowadays. It's like burying the heritage that we once saw and live before. A part of me, us to some, or to all who once live in the same ancestral homes. There is so much to do in Las Casas aside from swimming and sight seeing, an added few days of stay is perfect to enjoy all the resort amenities, take note to that.

Over all, moments like these are treasure in a lifetime, Such a blessing to experience this as a family. So happy to impart a part of our summer vacation that will live in the memories of our children, to be a sort of foundation, to turn back to happy times and smile. A needed boost when they have seizure in their own life someday, Grateful for this moment, a vacation that we all needed to renew and freshen up. A reward in a day life. Don't you think? 

What you are up to this vacation? Is summer started at your end? Hope you enjoy the season to the fullest. Till then.

Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar
Baranggay Ibaba, Bagac 2107
Bataan, Philippines

Saturday, May 20, 2017


Last week i put the chores at bay and decided to have an early mother's day treat. Though in my mind i want to have an alone time, but in my heart, i know my day won't be complete without Iya at my side, so i asked her to go with me. We went to a place away from our regular environment, to try something new and have a little shopping. Mother's day is a good excuse to put the guilt at bay, i think. As i say,  it's always weighing down the wants versus needs with all the family priorities left. Our mother and daughter's mini date is just a perfect get away that day and we had a blast. We left the house early afternoon and just went home after dinner, both giggling as we reminisce how our day went by. A lovely way to have a pre- mother's day celebration with my mini me. I know she will still be my perfect date when i get older and gray.

Celebration is a big thing for me. I don't know the reason why but there's something about the feelings of it that i can't help myself to be happy about, or maybe, i just have a good memories about it in all forms growing up. So i've taken the feelings with me everywhere i go...the magic of memories that made me do and helps me think in a positive way, even in the middle of struggles. A celebration if lavishly made or as a form of simple act or pleasure, i'm always hooked! Are you? 

Though life changes and evolves as a wheel, i just hope that as a mother i did find my ways to let my children feel that kind of happiness and true love in celebrating our life as a family. Though it can't always be found in a fancy form but i hope that our day to day act of love in our everyday living in whatever kind it is may find home in their hearts and will leave a trace of glitters in their lives.

Belated Happy Mother's day to all of you, dearest! You are a rock in every home and you deserve to be spoiled rotten! And if not, or your family is not as cheesy as you think, you can always find ways to celebrate the occasion with them, right? Or even a day off and some me time, if you wish can do. There's always a room to find joy...to be grateful..and to make happy memories, that last.

Iya, i enjoy this  day we spend together hope you will always remember this day in your heart. i love you always. -mama

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